“surpassingly lovely” – New York Times, Best Theater of 2020 List

“It’ll make you think about the cemetery and maybe your own life in a new way.” – WNYC

“You’ll know the piece is working on you for as long as city noise sounds like music. It took me a full day before my mind readjusted and sirens sounded like emergencies again.” – Vulture

Cairns is a soundwalk for Green-Wood Cemetery that leads the listener on a solitary poetic journey. Written and narrated by HARP Artist Gelsey Bell with music by Bell and composer Joseph White, Cairns is being created for the social-distancing New Yorker to meditate on the land we inhabit, sink into an arboreal temporality, and unearth the stories of a few historic trailblazers.

You can download these tracks on BANDCAMP to your mobile device and do the walk in-person or simply listen at home and let the audio transport you there.