“A captivating mix of singer-songwriter intimacy, fourth wall-crushing theatricality,
and curious experimental exploration”
New Music Box

“Winning Soprano”
New York Times

“luminous harmonies […] haunting music and text”
New York Times

“astonishing vocal versatility […] Bell often subsumes the evening’s mystery within a spectral shape-shifting, as if she contained young and old, male and female, living and dead within her frame at the same time — just as her flexible voice is equally at home in the folk, bebop, atonal or experimental elements”
San Francisco Chronicle

“clear soprano ringing out with emotion and power”
Boston Globe

“a composer-singer with Tori Amos-style roots in the indie-folk community
[…] who has clearly found a home for herself in the world of experimental vocal music”
Feast of Music

Gelsey Bell “squints her eyes, opens her mouth as wide as a Francis Bacon cardinal and lets out a virtuosic, slowly mounting sound that is part rasp, part scream, part nails dragging down a chalkboard. It’s a glorious noise, especially because it seems to come upon Ms. Bell unaware, inserting itself like an unruly guest into a voice that is otherwise sweet and folksy. But that’s the point: You hear the screech, and you think harder about the smoothly sweet parts than you otherwise might.”
New York Times



New Music Box profile with video interview (2015)

Resonant Bodies Interview (2014)

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